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Clapton on ‘Clapton’

Listen to ‘Clapton’ here!

‘Clapton’ – Deluxe Limited Edition Bundle

‘Clapton’ will also be available as a Deluxe Limited Edition Bundle. Limited Edition bundle includes: *24 Karat gold collectible CD featuring the new album Clapton PLUS the exclusive bonus track “You Better Watch Yourself” *6.25″ x 5″ hard cover 16 page book that holds the gold CD in its’ back cover and features full color […]

Review of ‘Clapton’ – New Eric Clapton CD

Listen to Run Back To Your Side, Autumn Leaves, Diamonds Made From Rain and Travelin’ Alone. We have to wait till the end of September, but Michael Badley already had the chance to listen to an advance copy of the ‘Clapton’ – here are his thoughts on the album! 01. Traveling Alone Eric Clapton, Doyle […]

‘Clapton’ – Track List Of New CD Eric Clapton

UPDATE 16 AUGUST 2010 Listen to Diamonds Made From Rain (start 1:40:00) UPDATE 3 AUGUST 2010: Some time after the track list was published on yourwaytomusic, Where’s Eric also published the track list of the new cd. Two songs are different: 07. Can’t Hold Out Much Longer 13. Run Back To Your Side “Run Back […]