Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck O2 London – Sunday 14 February 2010

Guitar – Jeff Beck
Bass Guitar – Rhonda Smith
Keyboards – Jason Rebello
Drums – Narada Michael Walden

Set 1: Jeff Beck
Jeff was joined by Imelda May, Sharon Corr (on violin) and a String & Horn Section.
01. Eternity’s Breath/Stratus
02. Led Boots
03. Corpus Christi
04. Bass Solo (Rhonda Smith)
05. Hammerhead
06. Mna Na Heirann (Sharon Corr on violin)
07. People Get Ready
08. Big Block
09. Lilac Wine (Imelda May vocals)
10. A Day In A Life
11. Nessun Dorma

The Eric Clapton Band
Guitar/Vocals – Eric Clapton
Bass Guitar – Willie Weeks
Keyboards – Chris Stainton
Keyboards – Walt Richmond
Drums – Steve Gadd
Backing Vocals – Sharon White
Backing Vocals – Michelle John

Set 2: Eric Clapton
01. Driftin’ (acoustic, sitting down)
02. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out (acoustic, sitting down)
03. Running On Faith (acoustic, sitting down)
04. When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful (sitting down)
05. Tell The Truth
06. Key To The Highway
07. I Shot The Sheriff
08. Little Queen Of Spades
09. Cocaine

Set 3: Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck (with the Eric Clapton Band)

01. Shake Your Money Maker
02. Moon River
03. You Need Love
04. Outside Woman Blues
05. Little Brown Bird
06. Wee Wee Baby
07. I Want To Take You Higher
08. Hi Ho Silver Lining

Having attended both nights at the O2 Arena in London, it was a pleasure to witness the development of this much-anticipated collaboration. The first night had the feel of a “dress rehearsal” with Eric and Jeff working out their respective sets and joint performance.

Tonight, Eric streamlined his part, dropping the acoustic “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight” (as well as “Crossroads”). With the exception of “Crossroads” (which was missed), these decisions were fruitful. Eric’s set packed a stronger punch from “Tell the Truth” through “Cocaine” including a reworked, jazzier version of “Sheriff” and the addition of “Little Queen of Spades”. It is great to see Eric in a solo band as the only guitar player, which pushes him to showcase his agile fills and rhythm accompaniment.

Right after “Cocaine”, Jeff joined Eric for the same songs as the first night but almost uniformly better versions. Highlights for Eric were “You Need Love”, “Little Brown Bird”, and “I Want to Take You Higher”. On “Little Brown Bird”, Eric played two solos, the second, in dramatic fashion, with his back to the audience. While Eric dominated “I Want to Take You Higher”, Jeff featured prominently on “Shake Your Moneymaker”, “Moon River”, and “Wee Wee Baby”. The encore, “Hi Ho Silver Lining” was a huge hit with the audience, even as on the first night Jeff said something to the effect of “… now to spoil a fine evening, and it’s all Eric’s fault… .” Tonight, it was Eric’s turn to communicate, but off-mic: “I gotta run; see you in New York!”

“I Shot The Sheriff” 14 February 2010


  1. Matthew Travis says:

    I have just been to see Eric Clapton this evening at the O2 – very disappointed that he did not play Layla, Wonderful Tonight or Tears from Heaven – I was very much looking forward to hearing them.