Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 – Saturday 26 June – Toyota Park, Chicago

Chicago Sun-Times 24 January 2010:

In conversation, Guy says he plans to accept Carlos Santana’s offer to join him to christen the new Legends the weekend of June 26, when both will play Eric Clapton’s second Crossroads Guitar Festival, scheduled at Toyota Park. Because the all-day festival is studded with stars, he hopes that once again it will convince Chicago’s city fathers to pay more attention to the city’s cultural past.

From the Allman Brothers Band Forum ” Hittin’ the Web” (posted on 24 January 2010):

Last night at Legends Buddy Guy let the news out that Crossroads is confirmed at Toyota Park

Confirmed artists so far

Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck
Steve Winwood
BB King
Derek Trucks

Ticket go onsale the second week in Febuary 2010


  1. slowhander says:

    Wish this Festival took place in Europe one day…. Anyway, I hope some (if not all) of it is released officially at some point…

  2. bearfan730 says:

    I was at Buddy Guy’s Legends show Sunday night (1/24) and he mentioned it there also. I was at the first Crossroads at Toyota park and it was the best showI have ever, EVER, been to and I am a 50+ classic rock fan that has been to over 400+ shows in my lifetime. I expect no less this time around.

  3. If anyone affiliated w/crossroads is reading this, PLEASE get Alvin Lee! I cannot WAIT to go, was at the last Fest at Toyota Park and it was amazing. SO much talent on one stage, reminded me of being back in the 70’s seeing all those amazing guitarists.

  4. so can anyone ballpark the ticket prices, and where they will be on sale…i checked tixmaster, but nothin yet…


  5. I come from Neaples, Italy, and I was told that Pino Daniele,a neapolitan bluesman, should play at the festival. Does anyone knows something about it? Thanks

  6. bearfan730 says:

    Crossroads made offical on 2/10 for 6/26. Tickets at Ticketmaster on 2/20. Daniele is scheduled to appear.

  7. well pretty much the ticket “agency” jerkoffs and profiteers had all the tickets by 10:15 – f them

  8. i just bought a pair of tickets . this sounds like a great show. i was secound in line at a ticketmaster, and i think by the fourth person the tickets were all gone.

  9. We where the 10th and 11th in line and we where able to get 7 tickets!

  10. I went to the last Crossroads in Chicago and I was lucky enough to get 4 tickets on-line this morning. I won’t be selling these for a profit. I’m going to the show!

  11. I work hard to offer myself the journey from France, but I do not manage to obtain 2 places for the concert. Somebody can help me? I do not want presents, just to buy two places for my wife and I even. Thank you for your help.

  12. evan balk says:

    we had booked our return flight to Chicago from Australia pay for hotel, set the alarm for 1.30am for fan club presell, sold out. I did the same thing the next moring for normal sales, sold out. Eric can you please help us buy two tickets kindness regards your life long fans

  13. To Michel: Try for tickets. They’re expensive, but you’ll be able to get some tickets.

  14. Unfortunately I just heard about the event.Seeing some responses the f’in vultures will be holding everyone hostage at huge prices. Like we can all afford their market. More hogs feeding from the average working stiff. To them: know the opposite of above me?——-exactly