Two Volume Book By Marc Roberty Tracing Fifty Years Of Eric Clapton’s Recording Sessions Along With Live Work And Guest Appearances

Eric Clapton, Day by Day presents Claptons professional life in music in a day-by-day format, giving details of which bands he joined and left, all recordings madeboth released and unreleasedas well as guest appearances he made on other artists records, and concert tours. Based on years of extensive research from around the globe and interviews […]

New Bobby Whitlock Autobiography With Foreword By Eric Clapton

A new Bobby Whitlock autobiography has been published. Eric Clapton wrote the foreword. Here is a short synopsis of the book: . Delaney Bramlett died during the course of writing this book and this is the first time that the whole Delaney and Bonnie and Friends story has been told from the inside. . He […]


From Bobby Whitlock will be publishing his autobiography this winter. The thing that impresses us about Bobby is his amazing powers of recollection and great story telling. Yet again, the full story of Derek the Dominos has never been told from a band member. Eric Clapton’s memory of events in the late sixties and […]