Plastic Ono Band With Clapton as Guest

Yer Blues 16 February 2010

Rolling Stone Magazine

The three-song set with Sean, Clapton, Voorman and Keltner was hardly as ragged as that ‘69 Live Peace show. But it was good rough fun – Voorman was beaming all through “Yer Blues,” the only Beatles song of the night – and Clapton soloed in the Approximately Infinite Universe blues “Death of Samantha” with sharp tortuous cries, like the song was an old Mississippi Delta lament.

The evening ended with Ono and Sean leading a full-cast singalong to “Give Peace a Chance.” But the audience gave its own encore too: a spontaneous rendition, for Ono, of “Happy Birthday.” Her “Yes” piece had come to life.

Eric played with Yoko Ono, Klaus Voormann, Jim Keltner and Sean Lennon on 3 songs.
1. Yer Blues
2. Death of Samantha
3. Don’t Worry Kyoko


Simon and his son Harper Simon — a childhood friend of Sean Lennon’s — played in guitar duet, providing an acoustic warm-up to Clapton’s blazing lead guitar on “Yer Blues” from the Beatles’ White Album, on which Clapton played as a session guitarist.

Clapton, Voormann and Keltner energized the hall without speaking a word, setting up the emotional farewell sing-along of “Give Peace a Chance,” which many audience members were still humming as they made their way to the exit.