Eric Clapton & The Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon 20 March 2009 night 2!

A FANTASTIC SHOW!!! While Eric had a good night on Thursday, tonight was superb. The standout track was “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” during which Eric laid down one of the most spectacular solos in memory (no pun intended). Eric was much more comfortable throughout and even “Dreams” was first-rate (it turns out that the difficuly he encountered last night on that song was the result of dropping his pick during the solo). The Dominos classics were excellent, also, from the opener, “Key to the Highway”, all the way to the encore, “Layla.” Log on to moogis to watch this performance for yourself or seek out an audience recording!


Key To The Highway
Stormy Monday
Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
Little Wing
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (!)

E: Layla

“In Memory of E Reed” PT 1 – ABB w/ Clapton 3/20/09

“In Memory of E Reed” PT 2 – ABB w/ Clapton 3/20/09

“Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad” – ABB w/ Clapton 3/20/09

“Stormy Monday” PT1 – ABB w/Clapton 3/20/09

“Stormy Monday” PT2 – ABB w/ Clapton 3/20/09

“Layla” ABB w/ Eric Clapton 3/20/09