Eric Clapton on “Later… With Jools Holland” Friday 5 November 2010

On Tuesday 2 November 2010, Later… With Jools Holland was broadcasted live for half an hour. Today an extended version was shown with performances from Tuesday’s show along with an additional half hour of music and chat.

1. Travelin’ Alone (2 & 5 November)
2. Interview (part 1: 2 November)
3. When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful (2 & 5 November)
4. Rocking Chair (5 November)
5. Interview (part 2: 5 November)
6. Crossroads (5 November)

The Band
Guitar & Vocals: Eric Clapton
Keyboards: Chris Stainton
Bass: Dave Bronze
Drums: Henry Spinetti
Keyboards: Jools Holland on “Rocking Chair” and “When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful”

Travelin’ Alone

When Somebody Thinks You Are Wonderful

Rocking Chair



  1. jimmwallace says:

    noticed interview on Friday different to live edition

  2. This is the new Beano!!!! And its so so cool

  3. Oh but there is only 50 of them and there £25,000