Eric Clapton joining Allman Brothers at the Beacon!!!

It was rumoured some time ago (see Eric Clapton and Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theatre 2009 ), but now these rumors are getting more serious: Eric Clapton is supposed to join the Allman Brothers at the Beacon on Thursday 19 March AND Friday 20 March! (Updated 4 March 2009: one our visitors reported to us that Eric Clapton has confirmed that he will play ont the 19th and 20th of March!!)

Some of you didn’t believe us when we said that Eric Clapton would be sitting in with the Allmans on select nights. You folks can suck it! Clapton WILL appear at two shows — on March 19th and 20th!!!

Unfortunately the shows are sold out, but it looks like everyone can see the shows live on the computer!


Yes, it’s true, Moogis is here! The website at is up and running and taking subscriptions for the entire upcoming Beacon run. With this year’s Beacon shows marking the 40th Anniversary of the ABB, you know these shows are going to be epic, and with Moogis you can see every show for less than the airfare to New York! Imagine seeing all the special guests and legendary performances as they happen, every memorable moment and exciting jam, without having to wait in line at the bathroom or put up with the obnoxious guy in the seat next to you spilling his beer in your lap.

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