Eric Clapton – Concerts in Japan February 2009 – with Jeff Beck

Unfortunately my Japanese is not very good, but I think what they are saying on this Japanese site is that Eric will play in Japan in February 2009:

Japan Tour 2009 2月12日(木)大阪城H (Osaka)
  13日(金)大阪城H (Osaka)
  15日(日)武道館 (Budokan)
  18日(水)武道館 (Budokan)
  19日(木)武道館 (Budokan)
  21日(土)埼玉SPA With ジェフ・ベック (Saitama)
  22日(日)埼玉SPA With ジェフ・ベック (Saitama)
  24日(火)武道館 (Budokan)
  25日(水)武道館 (Budokan)
  27日(金)武道館 (Budokan)
  28日(土)武道館 (Budokan)

And with ジェフ・ベック means… with Jeff Beck!