Eric Clapton – 2009 Tour Rumours

There have been rumours lately from various sources about concerts in 2009.

According to Australian newspaper the West Australian Eric Clapton will perform in Perth next year.

Superstars such as Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, John Mellencamp, Sting and Stevie Wonder will play Perth in coming months, with Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Coldplay, AC/DC and other big-name acts rumoured to be planning concerts here early next year.
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We know Eric Clapton will perform in England in 2009 – see previous entry “Concerts in England in 2009?”.

On the forum of the German Eric Clapton Fansite,, there is a report from a fan who spoke with Eric during breakfast at his hotel in Zurich in August. Apparently Eric told him that the Royal Albert Hall has been reserved for May 2009.
About doing concerts together with Steve Winwood: Eric’s answer was that he loves to do it, but unfortunately there are no big halls in Europe… Not big enough to make enough money… (“ich äusserte meinen wunsch ihn mit winwood in der royal albert hall zu sehen. gerne möchte er im 2009 auch in europa mit steve was machen – nur gibt es in europa keine grossen hallen. das problem sind die finanzen. beide sind superstars und wollen je einen (zu?) grossen happen verdienen. und diese kosten können in kleinen hallen nicht eingespielt werden – es sei denn die ticketpreise gehen noch weiter rauf – und open airs sind ihm wie bereits geschrieben im moment zuwider”)…….